Mind Body Training For Better Balance


Helping You Stay Safe, Active and At Your Best

Learn How to Improve Your Balance - On Your Feet and in Everyday Life
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Minding Your Balance™
Helping You Stay Safe, Active and At Your Best

Workshops & Classes

Innovative programs that help you take immediate control for better balance in everyday activities as well as in exercise and sports.

On-Site Programs

Hire Susan Chandler to deliver a talk or workshop to your group or organization.

Caregiver Workshops

Learn how to better support others with balance challenges – while maintaining your own physical and personal equilibrium.

About the Instructor
Susan Chandler

Susan Chandler

M.A., Creator of Minding Your Balance training

Denver Ki-Aikido

5th degree black belt, Head Instructor

TEDx Speaker

A Question of Balance
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Minding Your Balance™

Mind Body Techniques for Better Balance — on Your Feet and in Life

Minding Your Balance™ draws on lessons from the martial art Ki-Aikido to take a groundbreaking look at balance and its fundamental relationship to mind and emotion. Through easily accessible exercises, scientific insights, and stories of applications in everyday life you will learn how to mind your balance for greater stability – on your feet and in life.

“I’ve noticed a marked improvement not only in my balance but also in my general motion and fluidity of movement.” Greg Inman

Minding Your Balance™ – Helping You Stay Safe, Active, and At Your Best