Susan Chandler

“She teaches power – quiet power, creative power – and in a way that’s much more active and activating than I have seen before.”  Keith Baker, M.D.

Susan Chandler, M.A. and 5th degree black belt, is a Ki-Aikido and Mindful Movement instructor, speaker, corporate trainer, and radio show host. She has been practicing and teaching Ki-Aikido and its applications in daily life for over 35 years. In 1991 Susan founded her own company, Chandler Resources, with a passion for making the insights from aikido available beyond the martial art.

That passion took Susan back to graduate school in 2001 to explore developments in brain science concerning the neural underpinnings of the interconnection between movement, mind, and emotion – specifically in relationship to balance. She continues to follow and write about the developing understanding of the integrative brain as it relates to everyday experience.

Her unique approach also draws upon her experience as a musician, teacher, and athlete.  Taken together, her multifaceted perspective – including the martial and performing arts, social and brain science, and insights from everyday living – creates a rich and powerful learning experience.throwkevin14

Susan has provided programs over the last 25 years to a wide range of individuals and organizations including hospitals, schools, Parkinson’s organizations, aerospace companies, government offices, telecommunication companies, non-profits, and small businesses.


“I particularly like the way Susan ties the ideas of physical balance to mental balance and presence of mind.” 

N. Kahn