On-Site Programs

Hire Susan Chandler to Present to Your Organization

Bring the power of the Minding Your Balance™ programs directly to your group or organization!

Susan’s insightful and innovative approach combines her 3 decades of experience as a black belt Ki-Aikido instructor teaching mind body techniques for better balance with her extensive investigation of developing neuroscience research on balance and the mind body connection.

Susan actively engages participants in a process of exploration and discovery. Through story, science, and direct experience participants gain a new understanding of balance and learn how to immediately mind their balance for greater stability – on their feet and in life.

Susan provides programs to Senior Living Communities, Health Care Professionals and Associations, Senior Groups, Clubs, and Organizations, Church and Community groups, as well as to Athletes and Teams in any sport that relies upon good balance and coordination – especially under pressure.

Schedule your program today by emailing balance@denverkiaikido.com or call us at 720 934-1098

I found that the course greatly improved my body awareness and ability to balance. The class sessions were very calming and centering, and the techniques enabled me to bring that calm centeredness into the rest of my life.
Susan Gray

Everything was useful and fun to learn.
Betsy Carson